Halloween Costume Dress Code

The following Halloween Costume Dress Code will be strictly enforced for guests wearing Halloween Costumes. Guests not wearing costumes will be required to comply with the standard dress code.

  • All "private" areas must be covered. Clark County Code requires that individuals cover "private" areas, including the female breast below the top of the areola, with fully opaque covering. In addition, the Gaming Control Board requires individuals in the gaming area have their buttocks completely covered by a fully opaque covering. For the purposes of this definition, "fully opaque covering" does NOT include pasties, latex paint, or hair pieces.
  • For safety and security reasons, guests may not wear masks or other items including but not limited to, hats, face paint or veils that cover or obscure the wearer's face and prohibits an effective identification when in the gaming area, including the cage, in retail areas, or in restaurants. Guests may only wear masks, hats and veils after age and identification have been verified and guest is inside the nightclub venue. Guests wearing face paint may not loiter on property outside of a nightclub venue.
  • Guests dressed as security, police or in any other law enforcement uniform will not be permitted to enter Wynn Las Vegas or Encore and are not permitted in a nightclub venue.
  • Weapons of any kind, including toy or fake, are not permitted on property at Wynn Las Vegas or Encore, or inside any nightclub venue.